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Realistic baby dolls

While many people still prefer the classic “rag doll”, realistic baby dolls seem to be en vogue at the moment. Dolls that are made to represent different ethnicities, cultures, and even anatomically correct varieties are available to today’s consumers. They are available through local toys stores and through many online retailers as well.

For most little girls, realistic baby dolls are not necessarily “must have” toys. Other, less realistic versions are perfectly acceptable in most cases, because the imagination of the child usually bypasses any need for realism. To a five year old, the differences between a rag doll and a realistic doll are minimal at best.

However, there are times when realistic baby dolls can be the best way to go. Many parenting classes use anatomically correct dolls as teaching tools for new or soon-to-be parents. They are also commonly used for pediatric CPR instruction.