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Classic toys become “classics” because of their unique ability to consistently fascinate the children that play with them. Certain toys, such as the teddy bear or baby doll, have been beloved by children for generations. Puzzles and other educational toys have been staples of the toy box for at least as long. However, few iconic toys can capture the imagination of little girls more than the dollhouse.

At, we believe that the best toys are often the most basic. Toys that encourage the imagination are quickly falling by the wayside as more and more high-tech electronic novelties make there way onto the shelves of our local toy stores. We have therefore designed our website to help promote some of these time-honored classics. Our site is meant to be strictly informational in nature, and we do not endorse any particular product, company, or manufacturer; and we do our best to ensure all of the presented information is as non-biased as possible.

The dollhouse has been one of the most beloved toys ever created for young girls. Originally marketed during the late 19th century, these early creations were rather simple affairs. In most cases, they were primarily made from a heavy cardboard or similar material, and could be easily taken apart or folded for storage. The furniture for these miniature homes was most often made from paper, as were the dolls. But what these toys lacked in gadgetry, they more than made up for in their ability to spark the imagination.

Later generations would see these tiny homes become more and more ornate. By the early 20th century, many of the cardboard structures were being replaced with true-to-scale houses made from wood. These houses could often be quite detailed in nature; with many of them featuring shingled roofs and glass windows. Dollhouse furnishings also became more realistic. Cast iron stoves, wooden chairs and even upholstery and carpeting could be had. Plastic models would eventually become available around the mid-20th century, and these became the most popular because they were relatively inexpensive.

Baby dolls are perhaps one of the oldest, and most common types of toy that are still widely used today. Evidence of dolls has been found dating back to prehistoric times, and nearly every woman on Earth today can recall playing with one of these iconic toys. They can be found in an amazingly wide variety, ranging from simple rag dolls to realistic, anatomically correct models. Taking a quick trip to nearly any toy store will undoubtedly provide dozens of possibilities.

Many educational toys are also very simplistic in nature. Lettered building blocks have been a traditional children’s toy for centuries. Millions of people around the world have learned their ABC’s by playing with these blocks, and they are still one of the most popular toddler toys on the market.

If you have need any further information regarding anything covered on this page, please feel free to peruse the various links we have provided. Each link contains detailed information regarding many aspects of children’s toys.